• Beard Balms & Creams

    Perfect for medium to long beards
    Smoothes and softens facial hair and the skin underneath
    Helps shape/tame unruly beard hair
    Eliminates Frizziness
    Gives your beard a non greasy finished look

  • Beard Oils

    Perfect for early stages of beard growth

    Moisturizing properties treat beard dandruff and flaking

    Eases the itchy phase of new beards by hydrating the skin

    Achieve a silky smooth beard without the unwanted build up of traditional products

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How It All Started

BeardGuru is the result of my wife asking me if I could grow facial hair. It turns out that I could! However, it was itchy and dry. I found beard products and they worked to reduce the itch and dryness but, they were either too heavy or they left my beard feeling greasy. I wanted a beard oil that hydrated my skin and softened my beard without feeling like I had any product in my beard at all.

After a lot of trial and error BeardGuru was born. Our products are proudly made in the USA with quality ingredients that result in a beard that looks and smells great and is soft to the touch.